Emergency Congestion Surcharge SECI & BAVI

19.05.17 16:43

Dear valued customers,

as already informed, there will be a national strike in Spanish ports as from May 24th.

Although to start on the 24th, stevedores are carrying a covert strike through all ports, resulting in slow operations in all terminals and consequently in an extra cost for normal and overtime gangs.

Besides high stowage increases, we have to face collateral damages: longer port stays and fuel consumption, trying to compensate wasted time in ports. 

OPDR absorbed all related costs during February and March disruptions, and regrettably, we are forced to implement a Strike Surcharge of 40.- Euros per container or rolling unit, for all loads to and from Canaries/Península, as from May 25th, regardless if unit was loaded.

This surcharge will be applied exclusively for strike circumstances. We reserve the right to change/increase/cancel this surcharge upon situation development.

OPDR Iberia S.L.U deeply regrets this situation, totally beyond our control.

We are confident that the situation will return to normality as soon as possible. Nevertheless, we are the first ones on being affected by these disruptions when shipping your cargo. 


Ihr Logistik-Vorteil:
OPDR-Transporte mit palettenbreiten Containern

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  • kein Stauraumverlust
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