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OPDR - a traditional company with history

Since 1882

Founded in 1882 by August Schultze and Hermann Burmester the Oldenburg-Portugiesische Dampfschiffs-Rhederei is one of the oldest German shipping lines. Their first activity was to establish a regular line service between Oldenburg and Portugal. Since then, OPDR has been transformed into a modern company with the head office in Hamburg.


Throughout the first years, glass was shipped to Portugal and cork was imported to Germany. The transit time of the steamers on this route was 29 days.


Hamburg is called as an additional port.


Antwerp follows. Further vessels are bought or chartered.


The Oldenburg-Portugiesische Dampfschiffs-Rhederei expands its service to Morocco.

The company Franz Haniel & Cie. becomes one of the first shareholders and will keep its share for more than 100 years.


August Schultze starts a new service to the Canary Islands. Thanks to their well known reliability OPDR attains the transport license for the mail of the German Empire.


The shareholders decide to move OPDR’s head office from Oldenburg to Hamburg. At this time the shipping company has sixteen vessels in service that regularly sail to/from the mentioned ports.


After the First World War the fleet consisted of just two vessels but during the next 6 years it would recover again to 14 vessels.


Up to the beginning of the Second World War the number of OPDR vessels increased to 19.


All the vessels got lost in the War or were confiscated by the Allies. The head office in Hamburg was destroyed completely.


After the war the shipping line was first located at Hapag Lloyd’s premises but would later move to their own building at Kajen 10, Hamburg.


The fleet consists once again of 28 multipurpose vessels that would later be replaced by container ships in the late seventies / early eighties.


In order to develop new markets, the subsidiary OPDR Canarias is founded in order to offer a regular liner service by two of its own ConRo-vessels between Sevilla and the Canary Islands.


Franz Haniel & Cie, the only shareholder of OPDR at that time, sells its shares and consequently OPDR to the Bernhard Schulte Group


At the beginning of its 130th year OPDR founds OPDR GERMANY GmbH, the first own regional sales office for the German market. In September follows the foundation of the regional sales office OPDR IBERIA, S.L.U., the first 100% owned OPDR regional sales office in Spain. On the 1st December OPDR also opens the first 100% owned regional sales office in Lisbon / Portugal.


OPDR establishes daughter companies in Belgium, UK and Morocco


CMA CGM Group takes over the OPDR Group from the Bernhard Schulte Group.


OPDR has up to 250 employees in Europe and North Africa.


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