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OPDR is exemplary regarding their on time, reliable and flexible service

OPDR - the specialist for Europe and Africa

OPDR is your logistics partner in the European and African container traffic - whether it is German beer to the Canary Islands, Wine from Portugal to the Netherlands, chemicals from Belgium to Morocco or fruit from South Spain to Great Britain. 

  • We offer fixed arrival and departure dates for container traffic across Europe as well as from and to Africa. Our main markets are Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, the Canary Islands, Madeira and Morocco.
  • We offer the ConRo-service between Sevilla, Madrid and surrounding region with the Canary Islands, offering three fixed days of departure per week and the shortest transit time of 48 - 72 hours. 
  • In cooperation with our network of professional partners we also offer regular services worldwide. In this regard we focus on Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Poland and Russia as well as …..
  • The same goes for southern countries like Tunisia, Mauritania, the Azores, the Cap Verde Islands and the Balearic Islands.
  • Our container fleet allows us to offer the ideal solution for your requirements. Should it be a Pallet Wide Container for shipping 30 Euro pallets per 40’ container or a Reefer container for the transport of perishable food or a flat rack for your project cargo.
  • We of course transport shipper’s own containers, like 30’-bulk containers or tank containers of any size, with the utmost care and reliability to their destination and even arrange the return. 
  • We generally offer each transport as port-to-port traffic or as a customized door-to-door-solution combining the shipment by sea with truck, rail or barge  transport.
  • We offer a reliable and punctual feeder service for deep-sea-lines.


Your logistic advantage: OPDR Transports with Pallet-Wide containers

  • 5-6 euro pallets more per container
  • No stowage room lost
  • Reliable service