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Complete solution as one-stop customer service

Door-to-Door-traffic, the cost saving and eco-friendly alternative to truck transport

Our core business is sea transport. However, in addition we offer you the handling of Multimodal transports by vessel, truck, rail and/or barge.  


Our experience of many years in the short-sea-traffic allows us to find the ideal transport solution for everyone, from the producer to the consignee - you will have one only contact person. We represent a real alternative to truck transport by offering short transit times, fixed days of departure and flexibility in reacting to our customers’ requirements. Our cooperation with excellent partners in the hinterland transport is the crucial factor in this respect.


The advantages for you at a glance:

•Equipment at constant disposal during the year
•Prices irrespective of season
•Facilities to transport substantial quantities


Your logistic advantage: OPDR Transports with Pallet-Wide containers

  • 5-6 euro pallets more per container
  • No stowage room lost
  • Reliable service