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Fast and reliable trucking services

A service of OPDRoad

OPDR on the road! Since 2014, “OPDRoad”, the Group’s dedicated trucking operator, offers own trucking services within the European Union and North Africa. The fleet consists of over 100 trucks of different types, e.g. container trucks, trailers, trailers tauliner, frigo trailers, special vehicles, etc. for all kinds of cargo.

OPDRoad also provides warehousing and cross-docking solutions as well as container depot and repair services in Seville, Spain.

First class customer service, sustainability, innovation and a good team spirit are the core values of the company. All OPDRoad staff look back on long-term experience in the multimodal transport sector. They speak various languages, e.g. English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Arabic.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact our experts of OPDRoad.


Your logistic advantage: OPDR Transports with Pallet-Wide containers

  • 5-6 euro pallets more per container
  • No stowage room lost
  • Reliable service