How you benefit from our equipment strategy

Pallet Wide Container

  • 20' Pallet Wide High Cube
  • 40' Pallet Wide Standard
  • 40' Pallet Wide High Cube
  • 40' Pallet Wide High Cube Eco
  • 45' Pallet Wide High Cube

Standard Container (ST)

  • 20' Standard
  • 40' Standard
  • 40' High Cube

Reefer Container

  • 20' Reefer
  • 40' Reefer High Cube
  • 45' Reefer Pallet Wide High Cube 

 Open Top Container (OT)

  • 20' Open Top
  • 40' Open Top

Flat Rack (FR)

  • 20' Flat Rack
  • 40' Flat Rack
1. Quality

Factory selection

OPDR only purchases from carefully selected Manufacturers that meet our stringent Quality demands.

Goal :

  • Optimal Operational Container performance
  • Low “inservice” maintenance costs
  • Strict adherence to OPDR specification
  • Strict use of OPDR nominated suppliers

Manufacturing process

OPDR Technicians constantly supervise all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Goal :

  • Best possible Quality
  • Ensure equipment meets all International safety requirements

Life expectancy

By using the best available materials from carefully selected suppliers, OPDR ensures that our Containers are able to meet the challenges of high utilisation in gruelling conditions.

Goal :

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Reduced “down time”
  • Return on investment
2. Performance

Optimal Operational performance

An OPDR Container has to meet our Customers’ needs.

Goal :

  • Safe and secure transport of cargo
  • Elimination of cargo damage

Damage prevention features

The OPDR container specification is above the Industry standard.

Goal :

  • Reduce Operating costs
  •  Cargo protection

Reduced cargo damag

We place great emphasis on ensuring that our Customers satisfy their Customers.

Goal :

  • No lost cargo
  • No costly cargo claims

3. Environment

Latest in environmental technology

OPDR is an environmentally-friendly company.

Goal :

  • Use the latest in Container production Technology to protect our Environment

Bamboo flooring

OPDR uses sustainable bamboo flooring in its OPDR Eco Containers.

Goal :

  • Use Bamboo as a replacement for hard wood flooring
4. Cost

Damage prevention

Least possible damage is one of OPDR's highest priorities.

Goal :

  • Lowest Operating cost
  • Maximum cargo protection

Low maintenance

OPDR uses high quality materials.

Goal :

  • Lowest Operating cost
  • Meet life expectance

Minimise downtime

Less repairs mean less “down time”.

Goal :

  • Always have equipment available to serve our Customer’s needs

Total cost of ownership

We invest in the best specification in the business.

Goal :

  • Low Operating costs
  • High Return on Investment


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