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Monday 13. April 2015

Dutch Wheels B.V. selected OPDR to transport a Giant Wheel to Seville

Loading of a flat rack with parts of the giant wheel onto the MV Las Palmas in Rotterdam

The MV Las Palmas, a 700 TEU short sea vessel owned by OPDR, carried the steel wheel from the port of Rotterdam to the port of Seville within six days.[more]

Monday 09. March 2015

OPDR with new connection to Portugal

OPDR with new connection to Portugal

OPDR has established a new connection between Northern Europe and Portugal. The weekly direct service will connect Rotterdam with Lisbon within five days.[more]

Monday 01. December 2014

OPDR to become part of CMA CGM Group

OPDR's brand will be maintained

On 25th November 2014, the CMA CGM Group and OPDR's shareholder, Bernhard Schulte Group, signed an agreement for the acquisition of the short sea shipping Group OPDR.[more]

Tuesday 21. October 2014

OPDR and Containerships have joined forces

The AGAX service connects Morocco with the North Continent

Both companies belong to the shipping lines with the highest reliability in the market. You will therefore benefit from enhanced connections and guaranteed space (including reefer plugs) from Agadir to St. Petersburg.[more]

Tuesday 21. October 2014

Introduction of SECA surcharge as from 15th December 2014

OPDR will implement a SECAS surcharge as from 15th December 2014[more]

Monday 13. October 2014

OPDR starts a new liner service from Agadir to the North Continent

OPDR's first call at Agadir was before the official start of the Argan Express service on 16th October 2014. OPDR Tenerife brought equipment to Agadir.

The new “Argan Express” service will call Agadir every Thursday. OPDR will employ three OPDR-owned 700 TEU vessels which provide space for up to 120 reefer container on this weekly service.[more]

Tuesday 30. September 2014

Suspension of congestion surcharge in Rotterdam

OPDR will suspend the congestion surcharge for ECT Delta and Euromax in Rotterdam until further notice.[more]

Monday 11. August 2014

Notice of SECA surcharge (as of 1st January 2015)

0.10 per cent sulfur content in fuel is obligatory for any vessel shipping within the SECA areas as of 1st January 2015

New legal requirements will become effective in the Sulfur Emission Control Areas (SECA) in North Europe (Baltic Sea, English Channel and North Sea) as from 1st January 2015. The maximum content of sulfur in these areas must be reduced from today 1.0 per cent to 0.10 per cent effective that date.[more]

Monday 11. August 2014

Russia’s ban on EU import commodities

Russia bans import of certain agricultural products

As of 6th August 2014 Russian government bans import of certain agricultural goods.[more]

Friday 25. July 2014

Congestion surcharge for ECT Delta and Euromax in Rotterdam

OPDR is forced to implement a congestion surcharge as from 1st August 2014.[more]


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