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VGM Web-Service

Note: After a VGM for a particular container has been submitted, the system will not allow any further changes of the VGM. This means that after the submission of a VGM for a particular container the Web-Frontend will still allow you to review the VGM data submitted but not to change the VGM. In case you want to change your submission, please contact your local MacAndrews contact person. The Web-Frontend will allow you to enter the VGM per container per booking. When you log-in with your booking number, you will see one line per container of your booking. If you do not (yet) have the VGM for all container of this particular booking, you can already submit the VGM for some of the units and log-in again at any later time to add the VGM for the remaining Units.


Step 1: Open the MacAndrews Web-Frontend in your Browser

Please open the MacAndrews Web-Frontend in the web-browser of your choice by using the following link: www.opdr.com/en/vgm.html


Step 2: Log-In

You can log into the MacAndrews Web-Frontend by entering your booking number (e.g. SVQ123456) and your password. You can find both – booking number and password – printed on the booking confirmation you received from your local MacAndrews office.


Note: Electronic submission via the Web-Frontend will be available for bookings where the booking confirmation was issued after July 12th, 2016. Booking confirmations issued before July 13th, 2106 will not show a password and thus not allow to log into the Web-Frontend.



Step 3: Enter VGM data

After you have logged into the MacAndrews Web-Frontend, you will see the VGM input form with one set of data per container included in the selected booking.


Note: In case container numbers are already known, you will find the respective fields pre-filled. Tare weight information will be included automatically after entering the container number for equipment provided by MacAndrews. In case you are using equipment that was not provided by MacAndrews, the separate type-in of the tare weight is not required.


The following data is mandatory:

Container ID: Please enter the Container ID. In case the container number is already known to MacAndrews before you are logging into the MacAndrews Web-Frontend, the field will be pre-filled.

VGM: Please enter the VGM in Kilograms. You do not need to enter a separator for thousands.

Verified By: Please enter the name of the Authorized Person. Naming the Authorized Person is mandatory under the Solas/IMO regulations. The name of the Authorized Person has to be written in capital letters – this is a formal requirement and the MacAndrews Web-Frontend only allows entries in capital letters.


Step 4: Submit VGM data

Once you have completed data set for one, more than one or all units on the booking, you can submit the data by clicking the “OPEN CONFIRMATION DIALOG” button below. The button will only show up when at least for one unit a full set of data is available.


Reminder: You do not have to submit the VGM information for all containers on the booking at once. You can submit the VGM for selected units and log-in again later with the same booking number and password to add the VGM for the remaining units.


Step 5: VGM Confirmation

Once you have clicked the “OPEN CONFIRMATION DIALOG” button the confirmation screen will be displayed. To confirm you submission, you have to click “CONFIRM”. Without clicking the Confirm Button, the data will not be transmitted to MacAndrews.


On the VGM Confirmation Screen you can also enter an E-Mail address to receive a copy of the set of data that was submitted to MacAndrews.

When entering the password, please make sure to differentiate lower cases and capital letters. After entering booking number and password, please click “SHOW VGM STATUS”.


Ihr Logistik-Vorteil:
OPDR-Transporte mit palettenbreiten Containern

  • 5-6 Euro-Paletten mehr pro Container
  • kein Stauraumverlust
  • verlässlicher Service