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Dear Customer,

As of loading date July 1st, 2016 the shipper has to provide the VGM for containerized cargo. If no VGM has been provided, the container must not be loaded on the vessel.

MacAndrews is offering its customers a variety of different ways for submitting VGM Declarations and is prepared to discuss the needs of its customers. The below standard solutions are available:            


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1.)    When does the VGM have to be reported?


The VGM has to be reported to the terminal before loading. To ensure that the VGM is submitted in time, it has to be sent to MacAndrews latest by 14:00h CET on the day before the sailing of the vessel.

MacAndrews is trying to achieve the most flexible solutions for its customers but some terminals have announced to apply very strict „Cut-Off Dates“ which might require earlier submission of the VGM. MacAndrews will inform its customers during the quotation respectively booking process about any early Cut-Off dates.


2.)   How is the VGM determined?


There are two methods to determine the VGM:

a.)    Method 1: Weighing on a certified weighing scale

b.)    Method 2: Calculating the VGM by adding Tare Weight + Weight of the Cargo +   Weight of stuffing material.


If you want to apply Method 1 to determine the VGM, MacAndrews can help you finding an appropriate weighing service. Please contact your local MacAndrews team.


3.)   How do I get the Tare Weight?


If you want to apply Method 2 and are using an MacAndrews container, then MacAndrews will provide you with the Tare Weight of such container. The Tare Weight can also be found on the CSC plate mounted on the container. Another solution for receiving the Tare Weight is the MacAndrews Tare Weight tool which you can find online under: www.opdr.com/container.html


For containers that have not been provided by MacAndrews the service providers „Bureau International des Containers“ (www.bic-code.org) and „ContainerWeight“ (www.containerweight.com) have announced to be prepared to launch a pilot phase for a global container detail database latest July 1st, 2016.


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