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MacAndrews Tare-Weight Web-Service

Screenshot of MacAndrews TARE-Weight Web-Service.

Note: Only information for equipment provided by MacAndrews is available. Information for equipment owned / provided by other lines or owners is not available from the MacAndrews Web-Service.


Step 1: Open Tare Weight Web-Service in your Browser

Please open the MacAndrews Tare-Weight query screen in the web-browser of your choice by using the following link: www.opdr.com/en/container.html

Step 2: Enter Container ID in the input form

Please enter the container ID/number in the input form. The Container number should consist of four letters (Owner Code), a six digit registration number and a check digit. The system will recognize the owner code, irrespectively if it is entered in capital letters or lower cases and also, if you leave out the hyphen between the registration number and the check digit to better support copy and paste.

Step 3: Get your data

After entering the container number, please press the “SEARCH” button. The system will show you the data set for the respective container as shown on the right side.

In very few cases it might happen, that the information displayed is incorrect or the tare weight shown in the system does not match the tare weight shown on the CSC plate on the container. This does not necessarily mean that the tare weight shown in the Web-Service is incorrect as the weight on the CSC plate is the weight considered by the manufacturing company and might change during the lifetime of a container e.g. due to repairs, enhancements etc.

In case you have doubts about the tare weight shown in the Web-Service, please contact: appsupport(at)opdr.com


Ihr Logistik-Vorteil:
OPDR-Transporte mit palettenbreiten Containern

  • 5-6 Euro-Paletten mehr pro Container
  • kein Stauraumverlust
  • verlässlicher Service